About CLS Limited

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Who we are

CLS LimitedTM is an Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Renewable Energy Solutions company with its head office in Uganda’s largest city, Kampala.

Established in 2005 by two experts who also happened to be very good friends, Eric Kamanzi and Denis Richardson. It was founded as a service provider in low power/solar computers & ICT solutions in partnership with InveneoTM.

Over the years, CLS LimitedTM have continued to expand its services to include supplying ICT Hardware, Software, System Enterprises while growing the Solar Power product line to accommodate emergent green technologies on the market.

By focusing on the market’s needs, we work towards the customer needs by creating customized solutions. We have built a longstanding trust relationships with our clientele base because of our per-job/project approach, timely deliveries and professional support system in place in the most demanding scenarios.

To become Africa’s leading ICT & Renewable Energy Provider.
To be, the most reliable source of modern information and communications technology products, services & solar products in Uganda and Africa.
Core values
We will be known as a highly ethical and honest enterprise and we will work with suppliers and customers who share our commitment to ethical behavior and good corporate citizenship;
01. Our primary focus will always be for us to have or be able to source the ICT products that our customers want.

02. We will always provide relevant, practical, and up-to-date products and services.

03. We believe that good teamwork among our own ranks, with our suppliers, customers and others associated with us, drives success.

04. We will be imaginative in our approaches for our customers in recognition of their unique needs and situations.

05. We will be of value to our customers and suppliers.

06. We will be affordable and meet our obligations quickly and thoroughly.

Our stregnth

Quality Control

Each of our services has a rigid quality control mechanism. Each order or project passes through a systematic series of tests before being allowed to proceed to the next stage.

Superior Client Relations

We make a special effort to understand and accommodate the needs of all clients. We believe that a friendly and professional environment is essential for growth and progress.

Confidentiality & Security

Our office is kept secure at all time to ensure that all our work remains safe and ensure that client confidentiality is not compromised.

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