We have a track record of various prestigious projects
we have executed and some more signed projects worth millions in the pipeline;

Ministry of Health – 2017

Supply, installation and commissioning of Solar energy packages/panels in 149 Health Facilities.

USAID/Uganda Private Health Support Program – 2017

Supply of Computers.

Office of the Auditor General – 2016

Supply and delivery of assorted toners & cartridges (printer and photocopier consumables).

Busitema University – 2016

Supply and delivery of ICT Equipment.

Notre Dame Academy (School Computer LAB) – 2016

Installation and networking of solarized computers at school site in Mubende.

Internet Now! Project – OXFAM-NOVIB/Arid Lands Information Network (ALIN) – 2014

Installation of solar powered 101 community information centers (Maarifacentres) in Northern Uganda districts.

Arid Lands Information Network – KENYA – 2014

Installation of solar power system and ICT equipment at 13 sites fitted in containers.

Uganda Prisons Service – 2014

Supply of Computers & Computer Accessories.

Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development – 2014

Supply and delivery of ICT equipment.

Uganda Aids Commission – 2014

Supply of ICT Equipment for NADIC.

Ministry of Health – 2013

Supply of 246 Computers, 12 LCD Projectors, 12 Printers, 90 Modems & solar to power equipment in 90 Health Centres.

Uganda Communication Commission / RCDF – 2009

Supply, Delivery & Installation of Solar Powered Computers to 52 Schools in Uganda.

Project execution approach

1. Activation Meeting
Prior to this stage, we have met you (client), understood what you want and also agreed costs involved and a mode of payment. We agree on deliverables, timelines and a contract is given to you for signing.
2. Work starts
The technical team starts work on numerous systems/routes discussed in the company. In-house presentations are made before we select the final implementation workplan which is then presented to you for approval.
3. Client approval
We present to you the final implementation workplan, Of which you then review, amend where necessary and give us feedback. Which we finalise and you append your signature of Approval.
4. Project execution
This is the final part of our job approach. After you approve, we immediately execute the project (Installations, product deliveries etc). Once all this is done, we present you a Completion report coupled with invoices.
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We apply a rigorous quality control discipline to all activities. All projects are administered and managed in accordance with these requirements.

• A periodic review will be carried out in the presence of the General Manager, who will authorize any corrective action to prevent the same source.

• The Project Quality Plan is executed during mobilization. Reviews and updates take place within each quarter. The initial and subsequent issues of the Project Quality are subject for review and approved by the General Manager.

• The technical requirements of the contract are communicated to personnel. Frequent staff meetings and briefings especially for technically demanding operations.

• The technical requirements of the client are integrated into the CLS Limited Quality System, and take precedence where deemed necessary.

• Quality Control Plans (QCPs) are prepared for activities which require such control under the specification, or where in the opinion of management.