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CLS’s focus on low power computing has
led to the company diversifying into solar power



Implementing cost-effective IP-based data storage to all companies


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Our Mission

To be, and be known to be, the reliable source of a total range of relevant and modern information and communications technology products and services in Uganda..


CLS supplies a range of products like servers, low power solutions, laptops & desktop computers, networking products, solar energy products etc.


W offer consultancy services on on contractual basis as well as to walk-in customers. We have a wide expertise and experience in delivering the above services to a wide myriad ...

The ICT Business Environment

Although Uganda still faces major infrastructural challenges that affect all of its sectors including technology, its free-market economic policies have seen a fast-growing private sector and big growth in private and institutional investment.

The need for the latest in technology to efficiently execute tasks and expedite business operations and transactions is growing phenomenally.

ICT is increasingly getting attention from government, non-governmental organisations and communities as a development tool. Efforts are being variously made to create an ICT-enabled society in Uganda. CLS understands these facts and continually redesigns itself to meet these and more of the ICT business environment’s needs.

Over the years CLS has adapted to meet the needs of the growing demand for efficient yet economic computing in Uganda and East Africa. Recently the company acquired its ISO 9001-2008

Our Clientele

These are some of the clients we have worked with.